Invader Zim: The Meekrob SagaEdit

" Invader Zim: The Meekrob Saga" is a new series of Invader Zim. It will add the deleted episodes and many new ones, such as " The Great Zimini" and " Virus, The God Of Evil." The series introduces new characters, like Virus, the IDU, Invader Leroy, Invader Xat, and more.






Tak/ Princess Takiah



Tallest Red

Tallest Purple


IDU ( Irken Defense Unit)

Invader Leroy

Invader Xat

Invader Sumaf

Dead Tallest Brown

Dead Tallest Orange

Trivia Edit

The show is based on the Sonic the Hedgehog comic " The Shadow Saga."

Bloody GIR, who is barely ever seen, is now replaced by Bloody Filler Bunny.

Virus has no mouth or nose, but in " Rock- A- Bye, Tak," after Zim uppercuts him, he says " HEY!! MY MOUTH IS FRAGILE!!"

In " Human Transplant," after Zim gets his nose, GIR is seen licking the couch. Look closely and you can see a photo of Squee.

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