Almighty tallest Yelbe was a Tallest and one of the few Irkens with yellow/amber eyes. He was interested in tribal stone-age cultures, and collected various weapons and spears of of tribes from various stone-age planets (including Irk) as an hobby.

History/early lifeEdit

Born at the hands of the cloning facilities on Irk as what later would become the 97th Almighty tallest. A smart man as shown at an early age, originally wanting to be an Historical archaeologist. He later chose to be a commander in the Irken fleet; he soon became captain and admiral because of his size. At an later age, around his 100th birthday (around the year 600 A.C. on Earth), he was chosen by the Control Brains to become The Almighty Tallest.


Known for studying a person or a race, itys past before deciding what to do with them, he was quite hesitant at making big decisions and this led to quite some problems concerning the fact that the Irken Empire was more than just humongous even back then. To overcome this problem he implemented the help of 8 Counselors who would help him at making decisions. His reign lasted for almost 300 years and helped strengthen the Empire's fleets. He also implemented many research-colonies on various stone-age planets. He also led some border wars with the Nimba and Meekrob as well as some full scale wars.

His consort was Empress Neesa. By her, Yelbe fathered 9 smeets. One of these smeets grew up to be Almighty Tallest Miyuki.


His reign led to a couple of major impacts for the Irken Empire.

  • The Vortians and Irkens engaged into a peace treaty with a couple of other races.
  • The introduction of the Ripper in the Irken fleet.
  • The strengthening of the Irken Empire's inner workings and higher command.
  • The complete mapping of the Irkens' Past of the last 8 Million years (from early sapient life until his reign).

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