the Battle-axe class cruiser in full pursuit.

The Battle-axe class cruiser is a vortian designed slightly aged light multirole warship that was used by the Vortian fleet, atleast on one ocation by the Resisty, and a slightly-modified version was even used as personal vessel by Almighty Tallest Miyuki before her accidental death.


The Battle-axe class cruiser as Vortians proudly call their one time pride of their fleet is a large 1840 meter long ship depending on  designed for a variety of tasks. Ranging from simple patrol duties to full out ship to ship engagements. The ship came into service around 140 years before the invasion of Vort. At least a dozen of these types of ships where still around by the time of the Irk/Vort war and at least one of these ships ended up in the hands of the Resisty where it was used without success to destroy the Massive.


The Battle-axe is mainly build for speed and power but structural integrity wasn't forgotten either. Constructed using quantum entanglement generators, the ship is held together completely without the need of any support structures in-between the ship's main components thus resulting in a sturdier ship.

Weapon systemsEdit

The ship's weapons vary slightly between individual ships but the main weapon layout consists of:

  • One heavy particle beam emmitter, basically a down-scaled version of the Massive's superpartical beam.
  • Four medium plasma pulse cannons.
  • Two medium plasma torpedo tubes.
  • At least two drone fighter compartments (replaced with escape pods on the Resisty's Battle-axe)

Although powerful, these weapons where almost nothing compared to the massive (they where set on a lower setting however).

Behind the scenesEdit

  • This is the only type of alien warship not in the Irken armada shown in the actual tv show.

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