Ben's ancient Book of the LOLcurses is a powerful book of LOLcraft, a form of old LOLcat magic. The book contains many LOLcurses used by Ben to annoy his classmates and do evil to the world until they follow the ways of LOLcats. The book also contains curses all the way from seeing a LOLcat image in one's head to one's head hurting with the screams of a thousand imprisoned LOLcats.


These are the curses in the book:

  • LOLcat Images: The victim sees an image of an LOLcat in their head over and over again.
  • Imprisoned LOLcats: The victim's head starts to hurt because a thousand imprisoned LOLcats are screaming.
  • LOLcat Mind Control: The victim starts to be mind controlled by the LOLcats and starts to follow the ways of them.


  • Ben uses these commonly on Surray, but he disconnects his upgrade which pushes the LOLcats out of his head.

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