Invader Blue and her S.i.r.unit Gray lives on Earth trying to destory the moon but since Blue has school she doesn't have time to make her plan

Early LifeEdit

Blue was born on planet Irk as a Smeet she had a friend named Ron but a year later Ron was thought gone thus Invader Brown (Brownie) grew up with Blue.

Operation imping doom 1Edit

Blue had made a shelter to protect herself from Zim's ranpage thu Irk because of Zim she didn't became an Inavder the Tallest gave Blue S.i.r. unit Gray for making a shilter and surviving.

Operation imping Doom 2/Destroing the moonEdit

Blue wasn't chosen for the Great Assigining so She blasted a planet with her ship Blue got in trouble and the Tallest Red and Purple told her not to blast any more planets,Blue wasn't happy at the snack bar Gray told Blue let's leave the Tallest and other Irkens and go destroy someting Blue agrees with Gray and they leave the Tallest and the other Irkens to destroy something. 2 days later Blue and Gray found a planet Blue's Comupter said that the planet was earth and no irken has lived on this planet except for Zim so Blue and Gray landed on Earth on a hill with a Tree then Blue and Gray look for Zim when Blue and Gray found Zim's House they Bang on his door Zim opens the door then Zim tells Blue and Gray to get inside before any humans see them,At first Zim didn't remember Blue but Blue reminded Zim and Zim tells Blue that he's Trying to take over the Earth but he can't since he has school then Blue tells Zim she needed to go back to her ship,Zim let's Blue and Gray go back to her ship as Blue and Gray go back to the ship Blue looks at the moon then she tells Gray we're going to destroy the mooon so Blue makes a base in the tree that she landed at then Blue made Disguise bracelets she puts her barcelet on and pushed the buttion and became a Human Girl, Gray then put on his bracelet pushed the buttion and he became a red rabbit then Blue looked up information on School. The next day Blue in her disguise when to Zim's School the principal assgined Blue to Mr.Eliot's Class,Mr. Eliot intorduced Blue to his class and Blue talks to the class before siting down, after talking to the class Mr. Eliot told Blue to sit by Gaz Blue say Hi to Gaz but Gaz growled at Blue and say don't Talk to me Blue was scared of Gaz so Blue stop talking to Gaz later at Lunch Blue sit next to Zim and told him about distroying the moon Zim said Yes good for you.

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