The Crystal Blade, also referred to as the Spirit of the Irkens, was a sword belonging to Tallest ZIM, his family, and his court. The weapon was made of the same technology as modern Irken shock spears but was tipped with stone and capable of shattering diamond and trilenium, and was the sword of the Irken Republic used by the Tallest to protect his family and his people. Long ago, it was wielded by another Tallest before ZIM, and it remained on Irk after the accidental destruction of the business and commerce district in the capital city by ZIM, embedded in the floor of the Chamber of Prayer inside Tallest Tower (which was later rebuilt into the Irken palace by ZIM and several architects).

After it was removed from its plinth in the Chamber of Prayer, it was wielded primarily by ZIM, who used it to fight Dib.

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