The Itaoc are a warrior race of Komodo Dragon/Iguana like aliens from the planet Can'Katun. They serve as the secondary antagonists of Terrae. They were once a superpower before the Irken Empire. Their government is better known as the Itaoc Empire.

Biology and Appearance Edit

The Itaocs bear a resemblance to a cross between humaniod Komodo Dragon and Iguana. They have green skin, reptilian eyes and don't wear shoes,a keen sense of smell, sharp teeth and tails. Their average height somewhere between 6 to 7 feet. Due to their reptilian nature, they reproduce by laying eggs. They are often known to be vicious, savage, aggressive and violent due to their warlike nature.

Technology and Government Edit

Though they live in a tribal like lifestyle, most of their technological advances go to their capital structures, spaceships, communication, military and weaponry. The head of state is the Supreme Chieftain, who is in control of all the Itaocan tribes on Can'Katun as well other planets occupied by the Empire.

Military Edit

Before Irk's rise as a galatic power, The Itaoc Empire had the most feared and able-bodied armed forces in the known universe.

Trivia Edit

  • They were inspired by the Sleg, the main antagonists of Turok Evolution as well as the Aztecs and the Spainish Empire.
  • "Itaoc" is Coatl spelled backwards, which meant Serpent in Nahuatl.

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