General Dritte Terz is an undead Nazi occultist and former SS officer who onced served as one of Hitler's trusted bodyguards. He serves as the main antagonist of Humanity.


Terz is a zombie and wears the typical SS uniform. He has red eyes with black irises  and his flesh almost his skull. He also standards around 6 feet.


Terz is possibly one of the most evil characters in the IZ universe, due to being a Nazi. He is manipulative, intelligent, arrogant, megalomaniacal and downright sadistic. He was also an insane mad man as he shown to have a frightening and unpleasant smile 


  • He is the archenemy of Max Virum.
  • He is secretly the most powerful man in the world and takes advantage of humanity's ignorance and seeks to revive the Nazi regime.
  • He was also killed by Max's grandfather.

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