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E-114 is a SIRygon mutated to abnormal sizes after being launched into space.


E-114 was a SIRygon that was implanted in the mind of a SIR Unit, SIR-10009 by mistake. The Ikrens, being driven insane by this, blasted it into space, uncaring about the radiation ring. As SIR-10009 blabbered on about Mudkipz to nothing, was launched through radiation and exploded,causing E-114, mutated to the size it could be seen without a microscope, emerged from the remains as the capsule was launched to earth.

The capsule exploded on the planet and E-114, getting common sense and emotions, floated out of the broken capsule. E-114 looked around, seeing trees and forest everywhere, got a transmission from the "HOW TO: Conquering A Planet". Using Telekinetic powers to lift and read the book, took out the disguise kit and picked a disguise, and chose a housecat.


  • He is an untraceable SIRygon
  • When in housecat mode, he is like GIR, needing to eat and sleep.
  • His housecat mode is abnormally colored; black with a blue "Z" like marking on the chest.