Eric the Blob

Eric before going on his weight-loss regimen.

Eric the Blob was an alien that made his only appearance in the episode The Frycook What Came from All That Space. Eric is the member of an unknown species, which is presumably (already) in alliance with the Irken Empire (later the Irken Republic and the United Conglomerate of Planets). He is a regular customer at Shloogorgh's Flavor Monster, now showing up every year or so (due to him revealing weight problems) and consistently taking a long time to place his order (much to Zim and other customers' aggravation). The words on Eric's cap and pants together say "Eet Food", with "eat" spelled incorrectly.

When Sizz-Lorr made Zim dance in a costume filled with white-hot grease to cheer up Eric and the other customers, he offered Zim some advice as to how to bypass the Vortian 'Splodey System. It is only really known that Eric worked on installing security systems like it on Planet Vort. Eric ultimately became an unwitting accomplice in Zim's escape from Foodcourtia, when Zim hid himself in Eric's food; once in Eric's stomach, Zim was protected from detection as the blob made his way out of the restaurant. Once outside, Zim burst impressively out of Eric's stomach; Eric himself seemed only mildly surprised by the fact that a (former) Irken fugitive had been inside his stomach, but he reformed with no ill effects whatsoever. He later agreed to lose his weight, and formed a friendship with Zim and Gashloog.

After the Meekrob WarEdit

Many years later, after the Meekrob War, Eric was one of many honored guests invited to planet Furon for the Furon-Irken Conference. He also helped reveal the conspirators and announced that one was about to confess.

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