Twin fet-heets, with hooks as their ends.

The fet-heet, or "sword of conquest", is a traditional Irken blade weapon. Resembling a a hook sword without the crescent-shaped end on the blade, the fet-heet was wielded the same way as the Chinese hook sword, only horizontally. It was widely considered the most popular weapon among Irken warriors before the invention of laser weapons.

According to Irken mythology, the first fet-heet was forged by Leemak the Strong in the 3rd century. He created a ball of plasma energy and dropped it into the lava of the Kri'stak volcano, then plunged the burning energy into the Lake of Lu'u'sor and twisted it into a blade. After forging the weapon, he used it to fight the tyrant Molor, and then gave it its name. This story was not recorded in public texts, but was passed down verbally by the Irken clerics as a test of Leemak's eventual return.

Fet-heets are also used in the Irken wedding ceremony.

There are five components to the hook sword:

  • The back, which is used as regular swords.
  • The point, which is used to stab enemies, not to mention the rather more obvious use of slashing.
  • The end of the hilt, which is sharpened into daggers.
  • The crescent guard, which is used for blocking and slashing.
  • And the link, which is used when you have a pair. The two hooks can loosely connect, and the wielder swings one hook sword, so in a way that the second is extended further out, almost 6 feet. While the second is in the air, the dagger upon the hilt slashes any target. In this way, the wielder can extend his/her reach out from three feet to six.

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