Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Full name Francis Cynthia Morrison
Native name
Title None
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction None
Health Very healthy, but is watching what she is eating
Level None
Status Selling video games
Location Earth
Birth date January 3
Occupation Employee at City Center Mall's Video Pit store
Interests Writing, video games, alien cultures
Friends Video gamers
Enemies None (she is very optimistic, allowing her to befriend anyone)
Archetype Very good (a little too polite, for that matter)
Parody of Nothing
Fourth wall None whatsoever
Color Pale
Nationality American

Francis is a young human woman (in her early twenties) who is currently working in the Video Pit store of the City Center Mall. She is friends with Gaz, as she shares her interest of video games. She also shares a very strong interest in aliens and exteraterrestrial culture, which is the reason why Francis guessed that Gaz became the consort of her own planet. She watched Gaz's wedding and coronation on TV.

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