Gabriel or, Gabe for short is an ordinary boy. Or so they think? You'll see what I mean...

Appearance Edit

Gabe has brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin and wears a blue shirt and blue jeans.

Early Childhood Edit

Gabe was born on March 28 2000 along with his twin sister, Emma. They played together a lot and even told Emma about a legend of the sea. When they were 6, Their parents got hypnotized and they got into a car crash. Their parents died and then they got cruel, adoptive parents who thought Gabe was a waste of space and that it would be funny to give him up for adoption.

After 2 years, when Gabe turned 8 he was finally adopted by a man named Robert who had a daughter named Kat. Kat was a tomboy so she taught Gabe how to use a sword and all that other Epicly awesome stuff.

In the Present Edit

When Gabe was 10, he and his new new adoptive family moved to a house right next door to Zim's house. He then knew that there was another new kid moving to the new neighborhood. His biological twin sister.

He told his twin sister the truth and then you know the rest of the stuff about the cruel adoptive parents of Emma stating that they will ruin their lives bla bla bla. When they turned 13, they started attending skool. Well, Kat went to skool since they moved but whatever. Emma and Kat became quick friends. Gabe thought that Dib was crazy and that Zim seemed pretty normal. He then had a perfectly normal life. To Be Continued...

Personality and Other Info Edit

Gabe might have some powers. But not as many as his sister Emma. He is friendly, smart and on occasion, sarcastic and funny. His favorite foods are apples, pizza, oatmeal and bacon. His favorite colors are blue, green, red and yellow. To Be Continued...

Stories He is Featured in Edit

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