HIR is Zib's SIR unit.She is the Girl Verison of the SIR unit
HIR ( base 1 )

HIR in netural mode and Serious mode ( base used )

Travia of DOOMEdit

She has an antenna unlike GIR she is smarter

Unlike other SIR units she is Smarter then other SIR units

She has a differnt color for each emotion.


Purple : Neutral

Pink : Serious

Yellow : Silly

Green : Sick

HIR ( Base 2 )

HIR Silly and Sick mode ( Base used )

HIR ( base 3 )

HIR Sad mode and Rage mode ( base )

Blue : Sad

Red : Rage

Invader Zim- The Doom Song Remix02:23

Invader Zim- The Doom Song Remix

HIR Theme when with GIR

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