The Havoc Corps is a Penal Irken military unit under the direct command of General Kratoz. It is comprised of mostly defectives, criminals and renegade Irken soldiers. Despite this, It was the most well-armed and highly decorated unit in the Irken Army. While most military units are often used for garrison and patrol duties on other planets, the Havoc Corps does the bulk of the fighting during combat operations whenever the Empire invades planets. They are also known to embrace and value the old Irken tribal lifestyle as they often wear the tattoos of their ancient ancestors.

Unit Characteristics Edit

They mostly wear armor similar to the Slave drivers, except instead of purple or maroon, they wear red scarfs and black armor. They are also identifiable by having Irken tribal tattoos (sometimes most notably on the face), showcasing their Irken pride and tribalist mind-set. Unlike the typical Irken, they are more savage and violent as they are often sadistic towards their enemies and use unorthodox war tactics when fighting them, making them feared even among their kin. They are also more battle-hardened than most Irken soldiers as they do most of the fighting. Their command structure is also different as rank is often determined by skill and competency rather than height (For example, there's an Irken Lieutenant who's a foo shorter than the unit commands, yet he's proven to be more effective than expected).

Known MembersEdit

  • Kratoz (Leader)
  • Zaze (Field officer)
  • Kerrek 
  • Nazar
  • Nen
  • Kray
  • Cyev
  • Syth
  • Bob the Service Drone
  • Tak


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