Episode 1 ( 30 min.) Zim Vs. Dib! Zim Battles Dib for the last time.
Episode 2 ( 15 min. ) New Alien? Zib goes to skool and Dib is curious.

Episode 3 (15 min. )

GIR and the Bubble Gum! This is GIR's life when Zim isn't around.
Episode 4 ( 15 min. ) GIR's Tale! GIR reads a story to kids.

Episode 5  ( 15min. )

Random,Randomness GIR pulls pranks on Dib and Zim.

Episode 6 ( 15 min. )

Big, Bad Vampire Bat Zim sees if bats are REALLY vampires.
Episode 7 ( 15 min. ) 'Darkness of DOOM!' Darkness goes upon skool and everyone blames Zim.
Episode 8 ( 15 min. ) Zin Zin, Zim's brother visits earth to see if he is fine.
Episode 9 ( 15 min. ) Zib's Girlfriend Zib get a girlfriend when Zelle lands on earth.
Episode 10 ( 15 min. ) Project Inferdo ZIm and Dib's Skool do a project t fix the playground.

Episode 11 ( 15 min. )

The 5 GIRs GIR uses a SIR,HIR,CIR, and a ZIR and make him into a powerful robot.

Episode 12( 30 min. )

Invasion Overload The Almighty Tallest's find Zim not seeing them in a while.
Episode 13 ( 30 min. ) The Snow Falls It's winter and Zim discovers the snow IS water.

                                                                Season 2Edit

Episode 1 ( 15 min.)

Zib's Kitty Cat Zib buys a robotic cat by Dib's Father.
Episode 2 (15 min.) The Escape of DOOM! Zim and Dib are traped in a garbage dispole and they must get out
Episode 3 ( 30 min.) Bad GIR GIR has giches in his Microchip and is locked in Duty Mode
Episode 4 (15 Min. ) Tak's Return Tak returns for revenge


Power of DOOM ( 1 hour ) Dib invents a machine that give you a random power randomly.

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