# Brief Summary
1 Dream Hacking: Part 1 Professor Membrane invents a machine that you can go inside people's dreams. Dib finds this as an opportunity to go inside Zim's brain and figure out his next plan to destroy Earth. Along the way, Dib goes inside Gir's dreams, Ms. Bitter's dreams, Gaz's dreams, etc. Dib's machine breaks down while he's inside Zim's dream, so he can't get out. "Dream Zim" notices Dib and he tries to kill him and whatnot. They eventually permanently damage Zim's brain and blows it up, which exits Dib into a pile of brains.
2 Dream Hacking: Part 2 When Zim's brain blows up, his dreams get exited along with Dib. They start wreaking havoc among Earth. Zim and Dib team up along with some help by Gir to stop the dreams. They eventually defeat the dreams, and Earth is back to normal. Then Zim realizes that he should've left the dreams destroy Earth and his mission would be completed.
3 Zim Goes to Scotland: Part 1 When Zim hears that there is a monster in a lake somewhere, he thinks that the monster will help him destroy mankind. He and GIR then set out to Scotland, with Dib carefully following them in Tak's ship. When they get to Scotland, Zim interrogates everyone about the monster, and GIR causes havok. Eventually, Zim turns the VOOT into a sub, and ventures into Loch Ness, where he finds the monster. Dib follows, hoping to get proof of the creature.
4 Zim Goes to Scotland: Part 2 Zim discovers that the Loch Ness Monster is a dragon instead of a dinosaur, he tries to capture it by simply zapping it with a laser and stunning it. However, he ends up making the monster incredibly mad and it starts trying to eat him. Zim starts running away from the Monster, first around the Lake, then into the underwater tunnel maze that the Monster made. He loses the Monster, only to crash into Dib, destroying both Dib's camera, both of their engines, and both of their air tanks. With only a small amount of air, freezing water around them, and a giant Monster chasing them, can they escape Loch Ness with their lives?
5 Return Of Santa The santa suit returns from deep space and tries to destroy the earth.'Zim tries to stop it, but the humans won't let him harm santa. Can Zim defeat santa without the humans knowing?
6 Gir's Ant Farm Of Doom Gir buys an ant farm and loves it. He loves it so much, he fills Zim's base with ants! Can Zim exterminate the ants without revealing his base?
7 Night Of The Vampire Piggies Gaz's game, "Slave 2" is hit by one of Zim's ray guns and the vampire piggies escape from it. Can Zim and Dib get the piggies back into the game slave before everyone in town is a vampire?
8 Night of The Flying Weinies! Some alien weinies come to earth and try to destroy it. Zim and Dib team up, but will they be able to save the Earth before noon?
9 GIR, Zim and Dib, Lost In The Forest Dib is going on a camping trip with Gaz and his dad. Zim & GIR follow them. When Zim & Dib have a fight, they get lost in a forest. Will Dib, Zim and GIR be able to escape before Dib's dad and Gaz leave?
10 Humania! Zim wants to be more like a human,so he makes a potion to turn into a human.But after a day of skool, he goes home.The base doesn't recognize him anymore, neither does GIR. Zim has to find a way into Dibs lab and make a potion before the full moon arrives in the sky,and all the moons aline that night.Also,how will he contact The Talest? How will Zim ever get out of this one?
11 Alien Disguise Dib is at a TSE( The Swolen Eyeball) meeting and accidentally destroys the main computer. He tries to sign up again, but he is rejected. When he uses Zim's name, Zim gets a phone call and gets invited. How will Dib get a disguise like Zim's and a voice like Zim's for a meeting, and will Zim ever find out?
12 Taco Zim-VS-Gir Zim plans to make a clone so he can conquer the world while his clone gives him data from skool. When Zim prepares to make his clone, Gir drops a taco into the DNA slot breaking the machine and making taco Zim. Zim realizes he's broken the machine and needs another person as smart as him he looks at Taco Zim and has an idea. But can he save him from Gir who wants to eat him?
13 The Weird Girl Who Likes Zim Zim won't like her and she gets mad and turns into a monster so Zim has to play along untill she kisses him on the cheek and he detroys her.
14a Gir's Slave Dib sneaks into Zim's house and Zim makes it very clear to Dib before this that if he ever catches Dib in his house again he will lock him in the "closet of doom" (which is just a closet) Gir catches Dib and Dib begs Gir not to tell Zim. Gir makes Dib his slave and Dib must do whatever Gir says or Gir will tell Zim.
14b Zim Vs. Dib
15a Game Slave 3 It's finally here, The Game Slave 3. Gaz is determined to make sure she is the first person in line for it. Iggins is BACK, and beats Gaz to the front of the line. Gaz gets her Game Slave 3 but wants revenge. Gaz harasses Iggins for beating her to the front of the line.
15b Robot Rabbits of Doom Zim builds 4 robot rabbits to bring to show and tell but they become evil.
16a Couch Of Doom Sizzlor makes a couch / prison spaceship and sends it to Zim and says its from the tallest, Zim & Gir sit in it and get sucked in and are imprisoned while the couch flys back to foodcourtia.
16b Invader Goosh The Tallest seem to believe that Zim will never take over earth so the tallest send another invader to earth to attempt to take it over.
17 The Almighty Shortest Zim creates a machine so he can shrink the humans and squish them. Zim contacts the tallest before shrinking the humans and Gir shoots the machine and it hits the sattelite and it goes into space into the tallest's ship and shrinks them.
18a Field Trip Of Doom It's time for a field trip at the "skool" and zim brings along his hynoptizer beam. The field trip is set for the zoo and when they arrive zim hypnotizes the animals to escape from the cages and eat the humans. Dib tries to tell everyone but of course nobody believes Dib.
18b Misquito Bitten
19 Spooky Thanksgiving Of Extraordinary Evilrific Doom Zim attempts to kill all the turkeys so the humans will starve on thanksgiving and he can take over the earth with every human helpless and starving. Zim turns dib into a turkey to attempt to kill him so he can be rid of dib forever,.. but does dib have something up his sleeve?
20a Day Of Doom
20b The End Of All That Is Evil Dib creates a machine that can end all evil on earth. Its a beam of some sort and another planet with evil aliens see it and go to earth to try to take it over. Dib must team up with Zim to try to battle the enemy planet, even though , Zim is no longer evil.
21a Hide And Go Doom
21b Umbrella of the Wishings
22a Enney, Meaney, Minney, Doom
22b Knock Knock, Who's Evil
23a Pencil of Doom
23b Invader Gir
24a Flames Upon The Bees
24b Tindlin" And Swindlin"
25a Nursing Of The Doomed
25b Grounded Dib
26a She-Zim
26b Cleanliness is next to Evilleyness
27 Easter of Really Eggy Doom
28a Last Of The Squids
28b Duck For Your Lives!
29a McHoover
29b Behate
30a The Zim Reaper
30b Anger MisMisMis Miss Management
31a The Cupcakes Turn Evil Zim is down in the lab making a drink that makes people evil when they drink it. So Zim will give it to his class and make the humans kill Dib. But when GIR finds it, He puts it ina glass and dips a cupcake in it. That when the cupcakes turn EVIL!!
31b It Was All A Dream Zim is walking back home after skool antecedently walks into a construction site. He gets hit in the head with a metal bar,which knocks him out. He has a dream, that whenever he says something the words "I'm an alien" come out. Once he wakes up he notices he back home, on the couch.And knows that it was all a dream.
32a Monkeys of Doom It's time for the fair but Zim won't let GIR go. So Gir runs away and goes to the fair without Zim knowing. But once he gets there, he free's the monkeys and they rampage through the city. But thats not all! Someone thinks GIR was their dog and gets taken to their home! How will GIR get out of this one?
32b Jailbird One night, while Dib is watching Mysterious Mysteries, the police think he is Snake! An evil crook. They arrest him, and Dib needs help. He decides to call Gaz, but she doesn't care. His only hope is Zim. Will Zim decide to help his enemy?
33 GIR Meets a Female GIR and Zim are wondering through the city (and this time, they know where they are going) when a Girl with green skin and a blue dog come by. The Blue dog likes GIR, and GIR likes it too. The blue dog Lir and GIR start to be best friends. As for the girl Tessy and Zim star to be enemies.

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