Now,kidnap the president's daughter next!
Vital statistics
Full name M
Native name M
Title Intergalactic Assassin M
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Faction None
Health Good
Level 9000
Status Targeting Zim, and anything to make him more powerful
Location Abandoned warehouse
Birth date Unknown
Occupation Assassin, leader of the mafia
Interests Chocolate, Gaz, winning
Friends Gaz
Enemies Zim
Archetype Idk
Parody of Mello, from deathnote
Fourth wall Won't break the 4th wall
Color Human skin color
Nationality Unknown

M is an intergalactic bounty hunter hired by the tallest to assassinate zim.


M is almost human in appearance, exept for the fact that he has a robotic hands and monochrome blue eyes. He wears a stolen one of dib's trench coats, jeans, and boots, as well as gaz's necklace(also stolen), and a red button up shirt. When first appearing, he is wearing a green and red striped prison jump suit, but he then sneaks into some houses and steals his current outfit.


He uses an intergalactic bow, and his 3 different types of arrows: percing, which are made of solid sharp metal; explosive, which are made of glas with explosive fluids in them; and freezing, which are also made of glass with liquid nitrogen in them. He also has a robotic hand which can strech out.


He is kind of gothic and psychotic, but also calm and collected. He show downright hatred for Zim and Dib , while showing kindness and compassion to Gaz. He truly just ignores everyone else. He will also do anything to get what he wants, from joining the mafia to kidnaping the president's daughter.


Space HystoryEdit

nothing is known about him before getting arrested. He spent 5 years in an intergalactic prison, until breaking out after reciveing a chocolate cake and a mission to assassinate zim from the tallest. He escaped by sawing through the bars and stealing an escape pod.

Earth historyEdit

his first objective on earth was to steal chlothes to blend in. He then enroled in the HISKOOL that Zim Dib and Gaz were enroled in. He attempted and failed to kill zim neumerous times, and eventualy droped out of skool. he joined the mafia , and uses that position to get alot done.



zim is his current target. he hates zim for resisting him for so long.


he hates dib for unknown reasons, but has formed a temporary truce until zim is dead.


he seems overly kind and careing twards gaz......he also has a crush on her.

The TallestEdit

They are his employers, nothing more, nothing less.