The Manoquar was a race conquered a few years before operation Impending doom II. The only known member of this species is Spleenk.

Manoquar societyEdit

The manoquar lived in a very class based society in wich the richest classes had most power, however selfishness is looked down upon by most and this "generosity" is what keeps most people in the lower classes from revolting(or it might be the malnutrition either way its dark).

there are several religions that the manoquar follow but the most popular is called meqep. a religion wich includes a small pantheon of gods (including a god who creates fatal traffic accidents when rich people dont give the poor some money from time to time, a shame that it isnt the rich who get hit by that divine car though).


The manoquar arent particulary known for their technology, yet two very well known shipright companies originate from the Manoquar race. 

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