A planetary conversion team is a team of Irkens whose job is to convert a recently conquered planet to better serve its designated purpose in its new place in the Irken society. It is unknown how many Irkens are part of this team, or what one would look like uniform-wise. However, they may also have made an appearance when Zim showed a human residence a virtual reality in which Earth had been enslaved by the Irkens in order to terrify the hapless citizens into buying his candy bars. The conversion team were seen planting an Irken flag on top of the ruins of the local Skool.

The planetary conversion team's job starts after a planet has succumbed to the Organic Sweep, in which all non-sentient life forms on the planet are eradicated from the planet's surface. Almighty Tallest Red mentioned the team when they made the decision to convert Planet Blorch into a parking structure planet, but when Zim ascended to the throne of Irk after the former rulers' overthrowing, those plans were abandoned in favor of an intergalactic video arcade for his newly-crowned empress consort, Gazlene.

The planetary conversion team now only converts planets that have microscopic lifeforms, such as amoebas and harmful parasites.

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