Red Eyes
Pale Tooth
Red Eyes roaring




6 meters (20 feet)


13.8 meters (45-46 feet)



Pale Tooth is a ruthless and viscous lone Male Albino Tyrannosaurus Rex. He serves as the main antagonist and dinosaur as well as the poster character of  the show Terrae.



Pale Tooth resembles a typical Tyrannosaurus, expect he has snow white skin and red eyes, two small arms. Anothe difference is that he's just as a big as a female and the scar on his eye, which was caused by Rājduk .


Personaility and Behavior Edit

Pale Tooth is extremely aggressive, ruthless, and territorial as he seeks to kill the survivors who crossed his territory. However after surviving the encounter with the group at the end of the island, he developed an obsessive grudge on the survivors (particularly Rājduk) as left his territory to kill them and any others who would pose as a threat to him.

Roar Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Due him being an animal, Zuruck is often mistaken for being the main antagonist, however Pale Tooth has more appearances (being the show's poster character as he will be featured in numerous promotional materials.) than him and his role has the most impact on the story.


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