SIC (Standard Issue Combat) Units are an advanced type of battle droid in the SIR Unit line. Unlike their counterparts, SIC Units are just as tall as an Irken (even though some models are significantly much bigger) and are purely made for combat. They are often equipped with regular Irken weaponry and often serve as shock troopers for General Kratoz and his soldiers. They often fight alongside regular Irken soldiers, but are considered expendable and are often used as cannon fodder. They are often more effective and collected fighters compared to other SIR Units.

Models Edit

  • Standard Units
  • Elite Units
  • Chain-gun Units
  • Incineration Units
  • Stealth Units
  • Heavy Units

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike Sir Units, SIC Units are not only extremely proficient in combat, but also in intelligence as they are less likely to be defective or reprogrammed. They are also known to be more emotionless and strategical as they preform tasks flawlessly.

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