The best way to see SIRNS

SIRNS (Standard Issue Information Retrieval Unit Not Smart)

is an extremely defective SIR Unit given to Invader Ize hastily by the Tallest. Unlike most SIRs, however, SIRNS is dark grey, with lime-green hands, eyes, chest, and shoulders.


SIRNS is usually extremely random, crazy, and hyperactive. He also has a strange obsession with donuts, chocolate, and rubber chickens. He is sometimes rather loud, and drives Invader Ize crazy. Usually, he can be found inside the Ize Cruiser with Ize watching TV, making occasional random statements, and eating take-out donuts from Space Pastry.


SIRNS has a bottomless pit for a stomach (metaphorically speaking), and could probably eat a life-size replica of the Eiffel Tower made of cake and still be hungry. He also has an arsenal of weapons that come out of his back, hands, and head. The weapons include: Laser blasters, pulse cannons, machine guns, missile launchers, bomb catapults, buzzsaws, shotguns, and large blades.


SIRNS was given to Invader Ize in extreme haste by the Almighty Tallest, built out of random parts from a jokerbot manufacturing plant, explaining his personality.

You can probably understand why Ize chose the name SIRNS (Read above acronym).

Unlike every other SIR Unit, SIRNS doesn't have an antennae. Or anything on the top of his head.