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Interior of the restaurant.

Shloogorgh's Flavor Monster is a restaurant owned by Sizz-Lorr on Foodcourtia next to Grub Demon. After ruining Operation Impending Doom, Zim was sentenced to work at this restaurant for all eternity, a fact Zim explained to his empress, Gaz, long before their marriage. Some items sold at the Flavor Monster include "moose-shminkies", "fried booch nuggets", "fried plooka" (which resemble shrimp or smelts), hamburgers and Vort dogs (Vortian hot dogs).

White-hot grease is often used to fry the food. Irken grease, however, likely has some significant molecular differences from Earth grease, as Zim (while finding it exceptionally hot) suffered none of the allergic reactions brought on by things such as pizza and bacon on Earth when in contact with this white-hot grease.

The soda drinks used to be extremely corrosive, and were capable of dissolving the floor of the restaurant. The restaurant has numerous customers every day, who complain often due to the many mistakes in their complex food orders, and enjoy making messes just for the Service Drones to clean up (as Zim learned the hard way during his initial sentence). The business gets even more rapid during the Foodening.

After Zim escaped his banishment right before Operation Impending Doom II, the exit was equipped with a Vortian 'Splodey System that was programmed to recognize Zim's bio-signature; in the event that he attempted to escape the restaurant, the system would cause him to spontaneously combust. Nevertheless, Zim managed to escape the restaurant by hiding inside the belly of Eric the Blob. The Vortian 'Splodey System was reprogrammed to recognize ex-Almighty Tallest Purple's bio-signature in the same manner.

The mascot for Shloogorgh's Flavor Monster is a small green blob named Shloogorgh; Sizz-Lorr once ordered Zim to "put on (a grease-filled) happy Shloogorgh costume and fill the customers with joy." Coincidentally, another green blob is a member of the Resisty, and their species may be related.

Booth 12Edit

Booth 12 was a booth at the restaurant Shloogorgh's Flavor Monster on the planet Foodcourtia. The owner of the restaurant, Fry Lord Sizz-Lorr, ordered all his employees to leave Booth 12 uncleaned until the day Zim had returned to Foodcourtia. Sizz-Lorr then forced Zim to clean Booth 12, as punishment for leaving him to do all the work during the Foodening, an event lasting 20 years on Foodcourtia. Booth 12 has been uncleaned for so long, it has tentacles from an unknown carnivorous beast all over it. When Zim rose to power as the next Almighty Tallest, Sizz-Lorr ordered that Booth 12 remained clean, and if a mess is made there, that ex-Tallest Purple clean it up himself.

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