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Tak and Mimi




Janitorial Drone




Sir Unit, custom advanced ship.




Tak is a female Irken and is also one of the main antagonists of Invader Zim. While she was taking a test to become promoted from an Irken Elite to an Irken Invader, the power was destroyed due to Zim trying to get a snack from a snack machine. She then got stuck inside a room causing her to miss the test. She pleaded with the control brain to see if she could retake the test again, but she had to wait for another 75 years and was sent to planet Dirt as a janitorial drone. She then escaped by scavenging all the broken equipment, etc and made her own custom ship and SIR unit who she named "Mimi" and then headed out looking for Zim to redeem herself to the Tallest by stealing his job as an invader by conquering Earth. Though, she failed due to the resistance of Zim, GIR, Dib, and Gaz, she was then forced wondering around space as her hatred for Zim grew even more.


Tak has dark purple eyes and a square-curled antannae. Instead of her uniform being pink like the rest of Irken invaders, it is custom purple along with the circles on her PAK. She also has a black beauty mark under her left eye and a cross-hatced mouth, similar to GIR's.


Tak's characteristics are that she's vindicative, wild, and rather cunning. She has better equipment, such as her PAK, SIR Unit, etc and also quite smarter and strategetic than a usual invader. 


Zim - Tak has a very large hostile nature to Zim with good reason (read overview to see why). Zim, on the otherhand finds Tak as a nuisance and does not seem to take her seriously.

Dib - She developed an attraction to him the day they met, but only to gather more information on Earth and Zim.


  • She speaks with a British-like accent along with a valley girl accent.
  • Tak is one of the few known Irkens to have Purple Eyes.
  • Tak has a high pain tolerance.
  • Tak means "yes" in Polish and Ukrainian.
  • She is one of the few female irkens in the series.


Tak and mimi
Tak lasers