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Tenn is an Irken Invader who was assigned to the planet Meekrob which were home of pure, living energy which are also sworn enemies against the Irken Empire. Tenn may not be the best, but she is a successful invader evidently due to The Almighty Tallest who were going to aid her by sending her a Megadoomer X-3 Combat Stealth Mech to assist her infiltration on planet Meekrob. Unfortunately, due to a rebellious postal slave who happened to be a Screwhead, she was sent a pack of malfuntioning SIR Units instead which then lead to destroying Tenn's base as well as her disguise.


Her appearance is like no other different than any other normal female Irken Invader. Pink, striped-uniform, pink-colored dots on her PAK, and of course, square-curled antannae. She also bears a striking resemblance to Zim except female.


Tenn tends to be a quite, skillful and trusty invader, but in the episode, "Megadoomer," she made some appearances which showed her panicking. So evidently (maybe), she is calm when everything is going well, and then loses her mind, you could say, when something bad happens.

Gallery (GIFS)Edit

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