Summary: Zim Has Once More Encountered the planet hackers. He managed to leave earth in time, but he was not able to save earth. With most planets in the Milky Way already inhabited, Zim Takes Drastic Measures. he goes to the Irkin home world, and smuggles 2 females and 1 male. then he leavets the entire Milky Way, Flying his way to The Triangulum Galaxy, Which He Knew Was uninhabited. They eventually stumble upon a new place to call home. A War is Triggered, with The Opponents being Planet Jackers vs The Irken Empire. despite all the measures of the Irken Empire, the Irken Empire goes extinct, and The Planet Jackers Seem To replace the Irken empire. they only control the Milky Way, which is still very close. so they moved on further.

Zim: Ahh.

Computer: Warning. low On Fuel.

Zim: (puts fist against control panel) ugh!

zim: Computer, Detect A Nearby Hydrogen Station.

Computer: There Is a Hydrogen Station 6 Lightyears ahead.

Zim: this is going to be a long trip.

(7 hours later)

Zim: So Tired....

Zim: Nini Fly for me While I rest,ive been awake for 2 whole days.

Nini: ok then.

(Zim rests while Nini flies)

Computer: you are 2 Lightyears from the hydrogen station.

Nini: hmm...

Nini: what do you think we will do when we get to the new World, Tyler?

Tyler: I don't know, maybe it will be barren, maybe rich with life, but hopefully not inhabited.

(Both laugh)

Nini: this is taking to long, do you think Zim would mind if I sped this up just a little?

Tyler: Maybe.

Lima: are you sure we should do that?

Lima: you've never drives one of these before. At least not above 50,000 Miles Per Second.

Tyler: Should We Risk It?

Lima: well, if we're going on a trip 100 Million Lightyears away, we may as well.

Nini: (Speeds up the spacecraft to a speed so fast they arrive to the station within a few minutes)

Nini: We Arrived!

Lima: Who's going to be the one to fuel this thing?

(everyone looks at her)

Lima: Ok then.

(she gets out and then she fuels the spacecraft until it is completely full)

(Lima gets back in)

Tyler: Maybe we can use Warp Drive?

Nini: it uses a whole fuel tank of Hydrogen, and we could either appear to a habitable world, a barren world, or even a pulsar, God knows what.

Tyler: Let's Risk It.

Nini: Ok Then.

(Nini activates warp drive)

(more coming soon)

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