Barrett Linwei

aka Bunny Buns

  • I live in North America
  • I was born on March 31
  • My occupation is Artist, Writer
  • I am Femboy
  • Barrett Linwei

    I have created a Characters page but its going to need help, im hoping everyone will help out in filling up the Page

    Seriously, do something

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  • Barrett Linwei

    Hello fellow Irkens im new to the Invader Zim Fanon Wiki I was going down memory lane watching Invader Zim and i would appreciate it if someone gave me the rundown on the Rules: and maybe who are my all mighty Tallests are (My Supioriors)

    (((Also i'd like to know how i can make my Irkens Original Characters into the FANON as well, (I'm a writer as well as a traditional Artist) so I can really help benefit the Wiki))) adding to that, will making a FanFiction make my Irkens Fanon?

    If someone can catch me up on a few things that this Wiki doesn't tell me that'd be great

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