Dinnertime by bluesoru

An ancient Irken family possibly feasting on a wolf-boar.

The wolf-boar, or jarax, was a predatory animal that lived on Irk. There were, for a time, largely believed by the Irkens to be extinct until a wish was made of the Ring of Infinite Wishes by Zim. Wolf-boars had been known to be three-and-a-third meters tall, though some could be as big as nine or ten meters. They had a thick coat of fur, sharp teeth, a strong back, two sets of eyes, no nose, and two warthog-like tusks. One of these wolf-boars would provide enough meat to feed an Irken city for days, while their fur could be used in making clothing for the cold season of harpaax (Irken winter).

Wolf-boar roasts and rotisseries are common amongst the Tallest, their family and their court. The taste of wolf-boar meat is a combination of various meats from Earth (beef, very flavorful chicken, venison, veal and pork are the top flavors one would taste). While most of these roasts are prepared in the palace kitchens by chefs, others can be roasted over a fireplace.

Wolf-boar fursEdit

The furs of wolf-boars are used to make clothing and furniture. For example, fur coats are worn during the winterlike season of harpaax on Irk, and are one of the furs used in standard-issue uniforms for prisoners on Rura Maxis, an ice planet. In this regard, the furs absorb the heat from the underground mines without making the wearer uncomfortable.

Wolf-boar burgersEdit

A wolf-boar burger was made from the grilled haunches of a wolf-boar, served between two pieces of bread.

They were commonly sold in galaxy-wide restaurant locations, such as Foodcourtia, and most recently in restaurants on Earth. The meat was bought off hunters, and occasionally needed to have the former owner's brand removed before they could be sold.

Wolf-boar burgers were popular with the prisoners of Rura Maxis. Wolf-boar burgers were also sold in several worlds of the galaxy, for example in diners found in spaceports.