Zara is an alien character and is voiced by Nancy Linari. She was a female Grey-looking semi-Amazonian warrior who served as the ruler of her own planet.


At some point, her home planet was conquered by the armies of Irk and incorporated into the Irken Empire. She would form an alliance with ZIM, despite the fact that he was of the very race that conquered her planet, in order to bring about an armed rebellion against Red and Purple's forces. However, she would betray her comrades in order to gain the Swords of Amarnak during the fighting which resulted in Zara's banishment by ZIM—making it the first time he has ever banished anyone.

She would spend many years and lose many of her warriors in finding one of the Swords of Amarnak. She would later fight against ZIM once again and his beloved Empress, Gazlene. After capturing Skoodge in a life draining sphere made by her Sword of Amarnak, she demanded that he find the remaining sword so that she could be the undisputed ruler of the universe.

After ZIM and Gaz recovered the second sword, Zara and him would engage in personal combat, but when she started to lose, Zara attempted to make use of one of the Swords but was defeated. ZIM opened a rift into the Void and banished Zara into that realm.


Zara was a skilled warrior and military commander but one that was obsessed with the acquisition of complete power. After she was banished and defeated by ZIM, she developed a great deal of enmity for the then-future ruler of Irk. According to ZIM, her planet actually was an ally of Irk before Zara went mad with power.

Abilities and skillsEdit

Zara is proficient in many weapons, but prefers Irken polearm weapons and her Sword of Amarnak. She is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and is a capable military leader. She is superhumanly strong, and can lift around 244 tons in air, and at least 114 tons underwater.

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