Zim, Taster of Pork
Season 3, Episode 25
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"Zim Taster of Pork" is the twenty-fifth episode overall of Invader Zim, and originally premiered in Georgia on June 20, 2017.

Plot Summary Edit

Gir discovers that one of his Spellsdrives, an electronic book that utilizes magic, still has unused cast points on it, he decides to use it. Gir comes across a spell that sounds interesting, but casts it on his master, Zim, first, in order to test and see if the spell is on he'd like to use on himself. However, the spell makes everything Zim eats taste like pig. Once Zim figures out Gir is behind it, he threatens to destroy his robot with his flesh-eating robotic toys if he doesn't help him get back to normal. Gir has trouble finding a cure, so he talks to the Almighty Tallest. All his leaders does, though, is put Zim in a cage and has the media treat her like a freak, so Gir goes off to ask the Computer if they have any advice on the situation. They report back that there is only one way for Zim to get him sense of taste restored: he and Gir must travel to an alternate piggy dimension and ask the Shadowhog to return him to normal. After helping his master break out of the cage, Gir and Zim go to Mystical Hill and use one of Gir's Spelldrives to transport them to the realm of the Shadowhog. There, after much convincing, the Shadowhog agrees to cure Zim, but only if he passes "The Trial". Zim readily agrees to these terms, but Gir becomes concerned for his master, as he knows so little about the paranormal, and he must pass on his own.

In truth, once Zim enters the arena, where the trial takes place, the Shadowhog asks him two questions, both of which he answers correctly. Then they spend the rest of the time hanging out and talking. Meanwhile, Gir is outside the arena trying to break in to help Zim, and getting beat up in the process. When he finally makes it in, he assumes Zim failed and begs the Shadowhog to punish him instead, after confessing it was his fault Zim was cursed. Both the Shadowhog and Zim decide to do as he wishes, and Zim goes home back to normal, while Gir is stuck in the piggy dimension cleaning out the Shadowhog's toilet with his head.

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