Zim Age: 16

Zim was born on planet Irk when Zim was 2 minutes old the contorl brain download irken information into his Pak after Zim had known his name he complains about his ancestors and how boring planet irk is but is push by the robot arm to make room for the other smeet Zim yells at the smeet and stuffs him back into the chute all the smeets piled inside the chute then the chute exploaded and planet irk went dark. Tallest Miyuki and Spork had to play with the smeets to make them stop crying Tallest Spork talks to Zim but Zim bites Spork Tallest Miyuki knew Zim was trouble so that night while the smeets were sleeping Miyuki and Spork took Zim gives him Gir and abandons him on earth.

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