Uctez Zur'uk




Red (with black reptilian iris)


Teal Green


None( 3 spiked horns on the back of head)




350 lbs


Itaoc Empire

Voice Actor

Micheal Ironside

General Uctez Zur'uk is the secondary antagonist of Terrae. He is the leader of the Itaocan forces on Terrae tasked with exploiting the planet's resources, he develops a zealous and reliogous obsession with Pale Tooth as he resembles the Itaoc Dragon God of Lordship and Hunger.

Appearance Edit

Much like most Itaoc, Zuruck has the appearance of a humanoid Komodo Dragon, but has three spikes on the back of his head, a spiky tail and red eyes. He also wears a metallic tribal spiked armored chestplate, spiked shoulder pads, spiked leg pads, wears a necklace made out of the bones of his fallen enemies.

Personaility Edit

For the most part Zuruck is a calm, straight and charismatic, yet ruthless and aggressive Itaoc. He is respectful to his troops, but displays no compassion towards his enemies. However, when Pale Tooth killed one of his strongest war beasts, he became psychotically and religiously obsessed with the Dinosaur that he confused him for a god.

Trivia Edit

  • He is consideed to be a cross between Moctezuma II and Hernan Cortez.
  • He was inspired by the Turok villian Lord Tyrannus, whom also had reptillan like features.
  • While he is often mistaken for the main antagonist due his position of power and control over Terrae, Zur'uk makes much less appearances than Red Eyes.